Video Wall Stack YouTube 'Channel Videos' not working

(Groove Q) #1

Tried signing up for Joe’s support, never got an email back.

Since Rapidweaver 8.1 onward to 8.1.3 The YouTube Feed does not work on ‘Channel Videos’

Playlist request works, Channel videos brings up nothing. HELP PLEASE?

ps works fine back in RW 8.0.3 (no surprise there!)

(Joe Martin) #2

I have several sites working with Video Wall…all still working great…and I am update to to the latest release.

(scott williams) #3

Did you email support at weavers dot space?

(Joe Workman) #4

Something changed with the YouTube API with channels recently. Use a playlist instead and everything will work.

(Joe Martin) #5

That is what I use on several pages and it works well.

(Pat Reynolds) #6

I use a mixture of the video channel search and playlists all on one page and they all work ok. However, I am still using RW7 (version 7.56).

(Joe Workman) #7

Very interesting. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

(Groove Q) #8

yes i never get the confirm email.

(Groove Q) #9

Hmm no, because i can simply switch back to RW 8.0.3 and the same stack version works fine with Channel Videos

(Joe Workman) #10

Oh really? That is complete news to me. I will add this fact to my investigation. Thank you.