Download notifications?

Anyone aware of a download stack that enables you to be notified when someone downloads from your site?

I don’t know of any stack that will do this presently. I think it may be useful to email Will Woodgate (@willwood) about whether such a feature could be added to his marvelous Paperless stack. It really is a fantastic stack, and this feature would be a nice addition to an already stellar tool. That said, I have no idea if this would be easy, or impossible, for Will to implement. But certainly worth an ask!

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If you have a Google Analytics account you can use Joe Workman’s “Sweet Button” which easily provides for Google Event tracking. Event tracking is the very bottom item in the options panel. I use this to count clicks on free eBook downloads (pdf, mobi, and epub files) - my buttons actually link to a php script (not a file). The script does a “force download.” But it works as the button is registering a click event, not an actual file download.

I believe this can also be done with URL query strings (link provided to me by @willwood a few weeks ago.


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