New "True Download 2" stack by Doobox

(Doobox Software) #1

Hi there,

Today Doobox released the latest stack “True Download 2”.

Completely redesigned both visually and functionality wise. The stack allows you to offer file downloads from any location on the web, as well as your Rapidweaver resources folder. The stack keeps track of how many times your files have been downloaded and displays the count (optionally). As well as never having to have the user leave your page to download a file. The stack uses some PHP magic, but we communicate with the PHP file via Ajax seamlessly, so the stack will not force your page to have a .php file extension (great if you have an existing page with accumulated inbound links you do not want to lose).

Find out more and see a demo of the new stack in action here.

(Greg Schneck) #2

Does True Download 2 count successful downloads (no error from script and download completed successfully) or does it count user clicks?

(Doobox Software) #3

It counts successful downloads only.

To be absolutely accurate. It will record a download if the download successfully started to the users device. If the user cancels the download half way through (if your distributing a huge file for example, and they change their mind half way through the download), it will still recored that download as the download was successfully initiated. At that point the user could and most probably will have left the page.

(Greg Schneck) #4

Thank you very very much! I’ll probably use this with our free eBook downloads (from Amazon S3 storage). I’m currently using a simple php script but error checking and counting is lacking… :slight_smile:

(Jan De Laere) #5

I try to use True Download 2 in a RW7 project, but it doesn’t work for me.
I linked in my ressources with a pdf and zipe file. Message NOFILE
Anyone can help me please.

(Doobox Software) #6

@John54 Have you reviewed the FAQ on the stacks demo page. This stack requires you link to a resource file in a specific way. Also PDF is not a downloadable file type (also detailed in the FAQ).

(Jan De Laere) #7

Hi, yes I went through the FAQ and zip is downloadable file type.

(Doobox Software) #8

What is the url of the page with the button?

(Jan De Laere) #9

my url is


(NeilUK) #10

It looks like you’re linking to the file with a relative URL instead of an absolute URL. The instructions on Doobox’s site say it needs to be an absolute url.

(Doobox Software) #11

@John54@NeilUK is right. Like I said, there is a section in the FAQ that explains how the stack needs you to link to a resource file (with an absolute url). If you change the link, you should be good. Currently there is an error in the console, stating no count file exists, but that is just because it does not exist until the file has been downloaded at least once.

(Jan De Laere) #12

Doobox… @NeilUK, your are great, thanks a lot. Doobox Stacks starts today for me