Dropkick CMS Install

I installed Dropkick CMS. Everything seams to be working ok (got the connected to database message, created a admin account and can navigate through the account)
when I goto the page webpage and I can copy the link and paste it in my webpage I see the listed text.However when I click on the pencil to edit the text I get
I do next get a edit box. Even if create a new page, I do not get the edit section
I followed the install instruction video allow it is very weak in the creating a database.
I used the C-Panel database wizard to create a database (name, server name, password permissions and such). Is there something missing or that I need to create

Why aren’t the edit boxes showing up.

Hi @JohnW

Would it be possible to raise a ticket for this over on:


I’ll pick the ticket up and work with you to resolve any issues.

Many thanks,


Thanks @kryten for helping out @JohnW so quickly! :slight_smile:

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