Great Update - DropkickCMS

Michael has done a wonderful job on updating DropkickCMS

20% off this weekend

Thanks very much :smile:

Check it out here …

Thanks @Rusty and really appreciate the shout out and glad you like it

More out today in version 1.1:

  • Add, edit and delete categories for your content. Make your editable areas more organised and clearer by grouping these by category or page
  • Edit font family, font colour and font size
  • New clean and flat user interface for CMS editor

The first two quite major and heavily requested!

And now we have another update… v2!!

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Now that v2 is out, is v 1.x still supported?

Hi Michael, Dropkick will not make its own new pages correct? It must have an existing page with editable areas assigned by Dropkick? Do I understand that correctly?

Hi @dennyrex

Yes, Dropkick v1.x is still supported.

Should that situation change I’m certain that Michael would send out an advisory in plenty of time.

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You do understand properly :slight_smile: Dropkick does not support adding whole pages, its strength is is providing you with editable regions which you can edit/manage with minimal overhead.

Hope that helps and sorry for the delay answering :slight_smile:


What is the best way to avail oneself of this support?

Just replied to your ticket, Rick.
Lets pick this up in the ticket dialogue.


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