FIXED: Dropkick CMS it's now working

Hi everyone, I bought the Stack Dropkick 2 because I was thinking that it could be a nice option to practice in a free CMS. The problem is that I did all the instructions in the Yuzool videos, and the content doesn’t appear. In HTML shows like a comment, but the Database and the Panel Site shows all correct.

And I took a capture to show you the situation. I hope you could help me, please detail the answer as easily as possible, I am new in CMS topics. Thanks and see you!

I did it!. The answer is very simple, the problem in the support page is that the videos are in disorder, you need to import the .haccess document on your FTP. This document is in hide mode, so you can’t see it, change your settings and show the hide files in your PC and it will be there.

To show hide files in MAC use the combination of the keys (cmd + shift + .) and that’s it.

Complement the videos in the support page with the complete list on Youtube.


Glad you found the solution @Alex84

That htaccess video was added later as some people were missing it as those files are hidden on Mac so added a tutorial on how to see them with your FTP software.

Glad you have it working now!

PS - have added it to the videos page:

Really thanks Michael.

I worked yesterday in the stack and it’s a really good option for a CMS, there is no limitations!!

See you soon and I’ll be waiting for new best updates. Bye

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Really appreciate that comment, and glad you are enjoying :wink:

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