DSGVO - European data protection

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I m living in Europe, Germany. Since 25th of May we have very strong privacy data protection all over Europe - that means we have to pay thousands of Euros if our website isn t in line. The first calls for order had already been written. My problem is - I use Streamline created by Michael Davis Design and in its code you can find google fonts with a link to google which are not allowed any more. I m a little bit worried because of that - on my site I use Arial. Does anybody know if there are possibilities to disable google fonts on rapid weaver?

Hi, Ari,

I suggest that you get in touch with your theme’s developer and insist on revising the theme. Some developers, like @willwood (Theme Flood) already are in the process of doing so or are done with the task. I happen to use his themes. I have now dozens of Google fonts built into themes. The fonts are not called from an outside source anymore.

What’s more, Will also released the much needed Cookie Manager stack (free) which solves the privacy aspect of DSGVO.


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these points seem to be very good ideas. Thanks and have a nice day

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