Be careful with the new Anonymise Setting in RW 8

Just wanted to pass this onto everyone. The new Privacy settings in RapidWeaver 8 are great to have, but do be careful using the Anonymise requests to third party servers and here is why.

If you are linking to online Font companies like Hoefler fonts or Typekit Fonts, this box will break them from working. It will also break Vimeo videos that you have set to private but playable on your domain. These are the only instances that we have found so far, so I thought I would give everyone the heads up about it. Just something to remember.


Thanks, Robb! I wondered why my TypeKit fonts were not working (and, therefore making each page take way too long to load). I heard Joe mention the setting in his Podcast dealing with v8. Off it went, and all is now good. #greatadvice

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This feature also disables saving in Go CMS.

Hi - I believe it’s also caused minor issues with my GoSquared account


Hi @zeebe,

Iif you use a third party service that needs to know where requests come from, you don’t want to anonymise requests to them. If you do, they won’t know where the requests come from (since they’ll be anonymous!).

Perhaps we can make this clearer in RapidWeaver with some extra information text.



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Hey Simon,
I understand that, I am not saying this is a bug in RapidWeaver, what I was trying to do is to tell people it can cause issues. I have seen a few tickets about it already and thought I would get the word out. I was not trying to step on RapidWeaver’s toes and specifically did not put bug in anything I said, as it does what it says it does, but I think some users don’t realize what can happen if they turn it on.


I understand, sorry for the confusion. And thanks for clarifying it for everyone. Chances are if it’s confusing for one then it’s confusing for many, and it’s something we should look at fixing in RapidWeaver :slight_smile:


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