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I have been using DVhost for few years now and started off great with no issues. I have several clients that i manage small 1 or 2 pages for them and they loved it. now i get message from several of my clients that all my sites say “not secure” i just lost couple of clients due to this. I have emailed customer service for over a month back and forth now and im not getting anywhere. I just got another email last night that a customer i host her book for sale has had customers that refuse to put in credit card info due to “not secure” and new site i just started for someone non of the pictures i put up show…please fix or i will have to change hosts and no longer recommend DVHost. newest site is CentralTexasAppliance.com

Just so I understand. You are of the belief that it’s the responsibility of your web host, in this case DVHost, to convert your sites to https with SSL/TLS or whatever.

That is for them to do proactively, correct?

It was my understanding that they would do that automatically yes. if im wrong it was never said to me in my last 30 days of emailing customer service. If im wrong then i am sorry, but i have not gotten a straight answer from them for over 30 days. If there is something else that im supposed to be doing then they need to let me know otherwise i assume its there responsibility from what they told me they provide.

“Although many hosting providers are making the process of adding HTTPS a lot easier by enabling SSL by default (this was told to me that yes it is provided with the service i pay for) or providing an “Add HTTPS” button to take care of most things for you, you’ll still need to purchase and renew an SSL certificate, and should you change hosting providers you’ll need to setup everything again.”

I have had a quick look at their site (not the most modern I have to say) and there is not mention of SSL certificates at all. A few hosts do provide ‘free’ certificates but they also charge more per month so you really pay for it in the end. The Cloudflare way of getting a free SSL does work but can cause problems with CMS sites and blogs, I know as I have tried that approach.

I looked at the DVHost website using the link above. I could not see any mention of SSL/TLS at all. So again… what are you basing your expectation that they would take care of this for you on?

What do you have from them to suggest that as part of your plan the conversion of your sites to https is their responsibility and not yours? Not sure what you mean by “if there is something else that you are supposed to be doing then they need to let you know”. Really?

Sorry, but it’s beginning to look, to me at least, as though you have done nothing to get your sites ready for https, your clients have finally noticed and now its someone else’s fault because ‘nobody told you what you needed to do’.

I have no idea what is meant by the quoted paragraph you ended on there. What is the context for that?

The ‘newest’ site link you provided would really benefit from some work. The google analytics embedded js is generating an error which you can see in the console (for example).

I think there are a couple of forum members who offer a really nice hand-holding service, for example https://chillidoghosting.com/ maybe you could take a look at moving there and asking if they will take care of everything for you?

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Chillidog really does provide great handholding.


In most cases, there are two basic things you need for HTTPS:

  1. A SSL certificate. This is, of course, required. We (Chillidog Hosting) provide these for free. They do automatically renew every 90 days. Users can see this in their SSL status section of the control panel

  2. A .htaccess file to redirect users and search engines to the secure version of your site. We have a little ‘tip’ for this here. We recommend Option 3

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions

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You also want to replace all nonsecure content on the site prior to implementing the redirects.

Otherwise you might get some errors.

ok so looking at different sites and reading up on what i dont know what I am doing. No this is not my full time job, so it could be all my fault and it could also be a combination of mine and DVHost together issue? I do not understand how in rapid weaver to convert to https? the SSL is supplied free with hosting from DVHost so i “assumed” because it said not secure it was that. Yes i know what assumed means and i could be just that, a learning curve for me. My gripe for DVHost is that when i sent email to them inquiring about the issue i got a response we are looking into it, done. If it was not on their side i figured i would have gotten a response "sorry that you are having troubles with your site, i see that YOU (me) have not converted your site to point to HTTPS so the issue is on your end. Now does this also explain same reason why my pictures are not showing up, i dont have a clue? is there a place that would explain step by step what i have to do on my in on rapid weaver to make sure my end is correct? email below is what i got from them when i asked about SSL when i had a customer ask me about putting in shopping cart from her book that she wrote.

On Apr 24, 2017, at 12:38 AM, Customer Service <customer.service@hostit365.com> wrote:


I am delighted to let you know that we include a free SSL certificate with every hosting plan. You can also add a shopping cart to your RW site using PayPal or many of the RW plugins for this purpose.


just got this in the CPanel when i was looking to see if it was something im supposed to do. 22%20PM

There are a few things that need to be done to get your RW secured with SSL. You should do each step in order, before continuing with the next.

  1. You need an SSL certificate setup on your server. You need to talk with them about what your options are and get them to help you install it.

  2. You need to change your website address in General Settings and likely also in Publishing settings from http://centraltexasappliance.com to https://centraltexasappliance.com (notice the 's") and then republish.

At this point you should be able to get to your website at both:




  1. Make sure the HTTPS site shows a padlock. If it does not, you need to use a site like: https://www.whynopadlock.com to figure out why and fix any issues.

  2. Finally, have your web host setup a redirect so that all non-ssl traffic is redirected to the SSL version.

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I appreciate the help, i have reached out to DvHost again for the 7th time this year (we are only in Feb.) and still no help. Last 4 emails have gone unanswered so far, I need the SSL installed for all my sites im working on. I did find a button in CPanel that says HTTPS redirect but its greyed out since no SSL. I cannot do anything till they respond, no phone to call them all via:email

life is to short, move to a good host like chillidog

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with DvHost i pay like $8 for all the sites i have since it is unlimited hosting with unlimited space…does Chilidog have the same? or is it a price per site?

They have different plans @barchard can elaborate.
But, either way, Chillidog hosting actually works and has free SSL and their support is top-notch.


@FatherofMany Hmm … you write:

i have reached out to DvHost again for the 7th time this year (we are only in Feb.) and still no help. Last 4 emails have gone unanswered so far,

but also

with DvHost i pay like $8 for all the sites i have since it is unlimited hosting with unlimited space…

Did it never occur to you that these things may be related! If you want to be dirt cheap and purchase dirt products then why are you expecting timely support? (or any support)

You gotta choose what you really want.

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I am thinking this now yes, when i started with them for no issues it just started recently to my knowledge.

i just signed up with them for my main money maker as i need something. i am only going to guess that since i just changed the DNS names to point to Chili that it can take time for it to point to them and not DvHost for me to see that it is secure again.

it can take anywhere from a few mins to a day or more for your DNS to fully propagate.