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I’ve jumped from my initial thread re manual to here as its a different topic.
Can any one recommend a good Web host, Trouble free with some future proofing built in.
I’m not anticipating much and my needs are few but ease and reliability are foremost
I know this is ‘how long is a piece of string’ but some names of hosts would be well received.
Thanks in anticipation.
As a guide I looked at Serif and that seems about my mark.

I personally recommend Chillidog Hosting, as do many other satisfied weavers here. If you want a host that is personable, approachable and (importantly) a RapidWeaver, then Greg (@goinup) is your man.

RapidWeaver Central

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I’ve been using FutureQuest since 2003 and they’ve proved totally reliable, scalable and responsive (often within as little as 10 mins) to support questions.

Their control panel is easy to use yet fully-featured, they place great emphasis on security, and they’re very reasonably-priced for a pretty comprehensive and very reliable (I’ve had maybe 10 sites with them over nearly 13 years and can count outages on the fingers of one hand, and maybe one other thumb!) service.

Hi @bodecos

I’m Greg. Happy to help. What questions may I answer for you about hosting? For future proofing, chillidog runs on modern processors with SSD drives. This delivers top notch performance and speed. On the software side, it’s running some of the newest software out there.

I am not a reseller so I run, manage and control every nut and bolt on the server. I’m very hands on. Please let me know if you have any questions. :smile:


Thanks @Marten_Claridge for the recommendation.

+1 for ChilliDog hosting

I chose Chillidog for specific reasons and am really sad

you say you “run, manage and control every nut and bolt on the server.” I love doing business with small owners

but your contact me isn’t working. It won’t allow me to submit a question

My web page is still not up. And I am sad. You way 24 hours for redirects, not happening so far. But I can’t email you

And where are the help pages for Rapidweaver 7? the upload directions are not the same for Rapidweaver 5 and 6. Is this hosting page Rapidweaver 7 compatible?


This is a duplicate comment of a recent post. I will duplicate my response below. Please, however, feel free to open a support ticket via the billing area.


As mentioned in your Facebook comment, yes, that specific contact form you’re using is broken. Sorry about that. I am working on fixing it and re-doing all of my documentation. You may email me directly via the email address provided or open a support ticket as @LSPhoto suggests via the billing area here

Publishing in RW7 is exactly the same as RW6. Sometimes, as a small business, it is hard to keep up with every major update. As RW6 and 7 are the same, please feel free to follow the RW6 instructions

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I’m a dummy. The photo shots of where to put the information is not the same for RW5, RW6, and RW7

Please open a support ticket via the billing area. If you can, please include screenshots of the settings you are using too. I’d be happy to review your settings with you in a more personalized manner for your account.


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Thank you Greg - you were way too kind to an old lady. Web page is up and running