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I just got into this whole website thing about a year ago when starting a new business, and now have my very simple website up using FastComet and may soon set up a site for my wife’s company. RealMac indicates there are some hosting companies that provide additional support for RapidWeaver, such as A2, Dream Host, SiteGround, and others (and I see there is now another promoting on the Realmac forums, DV host, I think?).

So, is there any significant advantage to switching to one of these hosts if I use Dreamweaver? Is it worth the hassle of having to move my domain and website stuff over to another host? Less of a hassle for me, but my wife and her colleagues use the email system I set up for their company quite a lot, so I hate to see it get interrupted. Does it make sense to switch, or not really worth it? Would it be relatively seamless?

Any preferred host company for Rapidweaver users, particularly a neophyte like me?

Let me know what you think… and thanks in advance for any thoughts and suggestions you may have!


If you are the type who may need some support and want a great professional hosting co, check out chillidoghosting Greg @barchard is a long time RW developer. Who also owns chillidoghosting.

He is supper helpful and the hosting is top notch.


Recommend Chillidog @barchard as well. Best host ever… have been with him for 7 years.

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Hi @rtthompson

:wave: I’m happy to help answer your questions.

Most RW users find comfort knowing that the developer community is pretty close knit. We work to make sure there aren’t any hiccups. If I have a hiccup, I reach out to the developer directly to try our best to resolve it. This makes support far more effective than a company who will tell you that you’re responsible.

For migration, I do a white glove migration for users. I’ll copy your websites, databases, and email for new users for free :slight_smile:

Finally, Chillidog is an independent company, not some ‘big box’ retailer. You and your site matter to me.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!



I assume you meant RapidWeaver not Dreamweaver?

Is there any reason you want or need to switch hosting company?

My suggestion is if you’re happy with who you use, why switch?

If it’s not broken why try to fix it.

I agree with Doug. Don’t bother switching unless you have good reason. Things might go smoothly or they might not.

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That’s why I’m here. I work hard to make sure things are as smooth as possible :smiley:

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Teefers, thanks I did mean RapidWeaver, not, ahem, that other one. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies. When i jumped in for the first time just about a year ago to develop my own website, I was trying to figure out both what host to use as well as what platform… obviously settled on RapidWeaver for the platform.

It was pretty confusing selecting a host… if you are new to it, really a big guess about selecting a host. So I selected a host on the assumption that I would try it out for a year, learn, and then swap hosts after the first year if needed. So, now that I am nearing the 1 year mark, I am assessing.

No big gripes with my current host, usually they are pretty responsive.

To rephrase my question a little… what would I get from one of the recommended host companies, specific to RapidWeaver, that I am not getting now?

Thanks again!


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