Dynamic Forms: hide/display stacks


Can anyone point me to a Form Stack that can hide/display one or more stacks based on the result of another field.

I have been using Foundation Stacks, but this functionality is not there yet.



If you want to hide/display one or more FIELD based on the result of another field, you can use Formloom (can be converted in a stacks).

FormsPlus https://chillidogsoftware.com/products/stacks/formsplus and Siphon https://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/siphon/ might work too

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I have now tried all the form stacks…they all have bits that are better than others, but there is no one complete solution that does everything I need.

There is a serious opportunity for a Stack developer. I am happy to share what’s missing.


Machforms often comes up when there’s a function that other forms don’t do. It’s not an RW stack but it integrates nicely and several people around here use it.


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