Stackapps if/then/else stack

(Spencer Davis) #1

What type of language does this accept? I can’t seem to find that in it’s docs. Also, is it possible to use this to show or hide an input field based on another stackapp on the same page? For example, show an ‘events’ input field if in the radio buttons they picked the ‘events’ option?

(Daniel Manchester) #2

Did you have any luck with this?

I’m trying to figure it out as well but want to show a stack based on a value in a database field.

(Jochen Abitz) #3

How about this: Multilink Stack

I have no experience wtih it.


(Spencer Davis) #4

I did not :frowning: Couldn’t ever get the darn thing working.

(Daniel Manchester) #5

Not sure if was designed to work like this but I got it to work for one of the tasks I was trying to complete.
Used a details stack with a where statement that met the criteria I was wanting to show and then placed the if/then/else stack inside that and left the if statement as true, then placed all the stacks I wanted displayed inside the if/then/else stack.