Pop-up-screen with form with Stacks

Hi fellow warriors,

with all new possibilities with the renewed Stacks I am a bit lost. What I want to do is to create a button that can be clicked, and this then triggers a popup (e.g. like a Lightbox) that holds a script with html with input fields elements and a submit to make a change.

All those developers did a great job in producing all these wonderful stacks, but I am unable to pick a direction to realize my idea. Are you aware of a Stack that is able to trigger a popup running a script, triggered by a link (button)? I do not want to create a new page and use an ordinary page as preferrably the popup is transparent (thus no specific styling needed).

Thanks in advance, Eric

Perhaps this can what you want.

FormSnap Junior


I don’t see FormSnap Jr on YabDab’s site anymore, just FormSnap V 2.x and it does not do the Modal Pop-up anymore (That I can find). The same can can be done with FormLoom 3 as it has a remote stack… FormLoom 3 is a page plugin, the remote is a stack you can use on a stacks page to call the form loom plugin page.

So, there would be the requirement of an additional Stack such as Elixir’s Focus Button stack or Stacks 4 Stacks Top Box Stack… as long as the Modal Stack supports drop in stacks for FormSnap or FormLoom Remote there should be no issue.

Does that give you some ideas @EricW?


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Formsnap Junior is apparently an old story. Pity! :wink:
Thanks, Brad @Turtle

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Yes, it gives some ideas. Thanks for that :+1:t2:. What I am building is a configuration page, so not a regular contact form. After entering values the script parses them into a file that is read by the main program. I thought it would be neat having it “floating” to prevent calling a new page using a link (which is still an option but probably more overhead as it an embedded web-page for a machine).

I will check the other suggestions, if more comes to mind please don’t hesitate to mention :blush:

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FancyViewer tends to prove more reliable with contact forms, compared with TopBox:

I’ve found some form stacks fail to work in TopBox 4, due to the way elements are added and removed from the DOM (it can break things like form validation). FancyViewer has a more simplistic hide / show system, so might be a better choice to use for form stacks. Free demo’s are available for both, so you can test them.

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You could use any form stack with Joe’s Glider stack too for this.

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If you use Foundation, you can place the form inside a Reveal stack and this can even be triggered from a MagicGellan stack.

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Elixirgrapgics and Formloom are an elegant solution to do what you re looking for.

Here is a link to the former: https://elixirgraphics.com/previews/focus/#0


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thank you mark for your assistance…

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Thanks for all the suggestions :clap:, I am working on some for testing. I hope it can deal with the PHP-script that actually is being run and called back after modifying values.

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