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@vibralogix Hi Adrian - thanks for jumping in there and for your offer of help with the database… I think Vibracart Pro might be the solution I need so I will investigate further and be back in touch later in the year (once my Christmas rush is over!) and I have some time to get my head around it all… so nice that you are in the UK too!!

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Hello Debbie,

The Axyn Ecwid Stacks allow you to customize the look and feel of the different elements of Ecwid Store, and place the where needed in your website page(s). You can customize the font types, color, size etc, and apply it to different elements such as headers, text, buttons etc. You can assign as many fonts as you need to customize various text elements. You can customize button colors, how the store tiles display, what to display or what not. You can customize the search field, you can easily set SEO friendly URLs. And much, much more.

Additionally, you can use with any RW framework or theme, including Foundation 6.

Please check these websites created with RW, paying particular attention to the Ecwid Store customizations, in the different Ecwid areas, such as, category/product/product details page.


Also check the multistore demo in the Ecwid Stacks product page:

You can have multiple stores in a single website.

Version is just about out of the door, and it is packed with new features, such as adding dynamic fields in the checkout and order areas, new layouts, a new category navigation menu, product popups triggered by areas where the users navigates to, and many more features.

If you purchase version 1 right now you will only pay the difference in price between the two versions, when version 2 is released. Additionally your sites will continue to work when you upgrade, and will be given edit mode information on how to replace older stacks with the version 2 stacks, where necessary to take full advantage of the new features.

You can use the Ecwid Stacks in as many projects as you wish, and with as many frameworks or themes. The stacks come with some basic examples, and I can send you a sample F6 project as well.

I’ll post more information here soon. Please feel free to PM me if you have additional questions.




Hi @RicardoR you have a bit of a user experience anomly here: My Ecwid Shop

The shorts on the page (and maybe other products too) have variants, but when you click the “buy now” button instead of being taken to the product listing the first available variant is added to the basket. If you click the image you get the listing, but not the buy now button.

This is inconsistent and as most people will click the buy now button to view the product, it means people will end up with lots of items in their basket that they didn’t expect, or they’ll just leave the page assuming something doesn’t work.

Not sure if this is an issue at your end (stacks) or ECWID.

The solution is A. Make the button link to the listing, not add to basket. Or, B. Put a dropdown selector above the buy now button so users can select the variant (although this would then also need a “view listing” button, as many users won’t realise to click the image).


I think that’s the way Ecwid works. In my own shop (only a sidekick-business) it works this way: if you click the buy now button on a product which doesn’t have any options to select from, it is directly put into the shopping basket. If the product has options to choose from, you are taken to the product detail page when clicking the buy now button. This may still be a little bit irritating, but makes sense IMO.

By the way: I used Davides great goEcwid F6-template for that site. It still needs a bit of work from my side here and there, but that can wait… :wink:

@RicardoR That’s really helpful - thanks so much for taking the time to give me all those details… if I go the Ecwid route I will definitely be looking at those stacks

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That’s it work with most systems, but on Riccardo’s demo page it doesn’t work like that.

Personally, I always configure my stores to always display both a buy now and see details button, but that’s just my preference.

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You are correct, the behavior of that sample deserves some explanation, and a few details to keep in mind:

  • The Ecwid Shop Demo displays the items of the sample Ecwid Store, as such we don’t have access to the options of the item on sale. Most of the items (if not all) use radio buttons for the item options, and for that, there is a default option. In a regular Ecwid Shop account, you can choose the type of selector for the item options (drop down, radio button, check box, etc), and not have a default option.

  • That particular page was displaying the main categories and “Featured Products”, by default, the “Buy Now” is not displayed in the featured items, and as a matter of demonstration, I had overridden that setting with the customizer stack. If I could change the type of selection (as I described above) and not have a “default” selection, when the user pressed the buy button, he/she would have been directed to the product details page and the product would not have been added to the cart. Since the item options are selected by “radio buttons”, when you press the buy button, it it selects the default option for that product, and automatically adds it to the cart.

  • With your own Ecwid account, you have control over these select type options.

Additionally, with the single product stack, you have control over all that. You display the options, qty etc, the user can select the option and add to the cart immediately or go to the product details page, as Mathias (@RapidBase) described.

As result of the discussion in this thread, I removed the buy button from the front page of the main page of the demo. And I will update the examples in the single product stack pages, so that the product options are visible.

I am in the process of upgrading the Ecwid Demo Project to the Axyn Ecwid Stacks v2, and also addressing the questions in this thread.




We’ve used Shopify with Foundation and RW a lot. I recommend the Shopify Lite plan which is just $9/month and gives you the Buy Now button for your products.

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Thank you - I’ll have a look

Hi @TEH,

I’ve made just a few modifications to the Ecwid Project, and soon I will add all the new features of Ecwid Stacks v2. I will also be producing a project for Foundation 6, after the release of the new version of the Ecwid Stacks. Either way there will be a Foundation 6 sample included with the stacks. Please keep in mind, that I didn’t add new features to the project yet, it’s just using the v2 stacks. The v2 of the Ecwid Stacks are optimized for small size and speed. The Ecwid scripts are called once, after a page finishes loading (wherever possible), and many of the new stacks don’t use any scripts at all.

With Ecwid Stacks v2, you are able to use multiple free stores and make it look like a single store. Each “store” can have up to 10 items. So, you can have several stores, each being a “category”. Then at your store page you can place links to each of these “categories”. The final product will be seamless. Each category will have a limit of 10 products.

Also, if you decide to use the Axyn Ecwid Stacks, and use our affiliate link to create your Ecwid Store and upgrade to one of the yearly paid plans, you qualify for a rebate on your purchase of the stacks. For details please check the product page



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