Slick looking Ecommerce

Has anyone had success making Ecwid look slick?
I have bought the stacks and I’m trying them out. But its still not looking that cool.
I love Cartloom and Shopify, but in this case only have one product, so I was hoping to cut down on monthly payments, at least until it is selling well.

If you have only some few products you could use PayLoom with Paypal and/or Stripe (as the Payment Provider) and simply make perfect looking product pages for your product with everything RW provides?

I have an example here: fyle, furniture with style (Which uses AirTable as the product catalog)

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I am working on a wholesale Rapidweaver/Ecwid e-commerce site that has been delayed because the client has been a little busy.

I have redesigned the product line with cleaner (photoshop) rendering that will be uploaded later at some point. This one is just a test site.

Please let me know if this is the kind of slick or cool that you are looking for.

This looks amazing!

Thanks so much. I try it

Congratulations this looks really good. I’m going to try all 3 (Ecwid, Cartloom and Payloom.)

I do have my heart set on Cartloom … but I love knowing the options

@davidefan has made a very lovely project file that uses Ecwid, Foundation 6 and Total CMS (or Easy CMS).


Hey @Figo, check out GoEcwid, you won’t even need the Ecwid stacks to make it work. You will only need to enter your Ecwid store ID in the admin area, and the website will import all your store automatically.

A lot of work has been done to make even the SEO automatic. Each product on your store will be properly indexed by search engines and will be shareable on social media.

Check it out here GoEcwid E-commerce project file for RW


Hi @Figo,

I just released EcwidPro, the next generation of the Ecwid Stacks.
EcwiPro let’s you integrate your Ecwid store into any RW project, and to customize it, so it can be as slick as you need it to be.

EcwidPro does not tie you down to any Framework or particular project. It’s compatible with UIKit3, Foundation6, Source, Foundry, Platform or any standard RW theme.

It comes standard with SEO features and it’s the only RW tool that allows you to fully customize Ecwid into your favorite existing project. Just drop the Base Stack into you project, add your store ID, drop the store stack and you have you Ecwid store rolling. Then add other stacks or customizations to make it slick.

If you already have the Ecwid Stacks, you qualify for an upgrade, only paying the price difference between the two products.

Check the product announcement here

Check it out: Axyn Technology | EcwidPro

I will post some examples of slick stores from users of our stacks soon.




Looks great :+1:t3:
If I recall you are using a standard RW theme with the Ecwid stacks, right?

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Ricardo…yes sire…

Thanks for the wonderful Ecwid stacks

I will look at the new EcwidPro stacks.

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Thanks :pray:t2: ,
I think that you’ll love EcwidPro!
Look at the one page demo on the product page


Done. I have purchased/upgraded.

Thank you.


Thanks! :heart_eyes:
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.




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