Easy Photo Gallery with original file names?

Looking for a quick and easy way to put photos up so clients can select the ones they want. A few requirements:

  1. Must show original file-names (e.g. IMG_1234) - do not want to have to add/edit file names
  2. Batch addition preferable if within RW - don’t want to be dragging lots of images one by one
  3. Warehousing or feed from 3rd party might be useful - any means allowing other users to add (not essential)
  4. Should be able to see all / a number of pictures at once, not just one at a time

That’s about it - quite a while since I’ve looked at galleries so any suggestions welcome


Have a look at:


Yes - I already have this. One element that might work well is the Photostream / ftp approach. Didn’t realise that was in the stack until your reminder made me take a look… I shall go experiment!

All your requirements are available with the FTP integration inside Gallery Stack :+1:

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playing with it as we speak :smile:

Well that worked a treat! Admin page created with Joe Workman’s excellent Page Safe stack to protect. InStacks Gallery 3 with ftp integration done in a few minutes - don’t even have to worry about absolute file paths. I love simplicity and this was simplicity itself. Thanks all.


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