Simple picture stack?

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I’m working on a little hobby site that covers a vintage cookware product. I have a page I’m working on about, for example, various saucepans. I’ll have a paragraph devoted to each model and then I’d like a row of photos beneath each paragraph - not many, maybe 3-6 at a time.

I’m looking for a stack that can let me drag in those photos, will display thumbnails to the site visitor, and then the full image in a simple lightbox if clicked on. Captions might be nice but not necessarily required.

Anything on the cheap end, or free, that might do this? I don’t need a complex gallery.


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I’ve always felt this stack was underrated. I think its fabulous:

Not free, but cheap for what it does.

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Take look at

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I use from @willwood.

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Thanks for the responses, so far.

Swell actually looks the closest to what I was thinking of…

…but trying the demos, I think the one thing missing is being able to move to the next photo from within the lightbox view.

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I like Joe Workman’s stacks:

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Check out Gallery stack 3 from instacks:

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