Looking for a Gallery + Lightbox with original file titles

Hello, I’m looking for a simple Gallery + Lightbox with the option to show the original file titles.
I need to show hundreds of pictures to a client and I want her to choose them by numbers.
I prefer a very fast solution as Weaverpix (drag&drop all the pictures in one time) but I haven’t find a Weaverpix Gallery Theme allowing to show the original file names.
All the Gallery Stacks I tried require a long work to write a title for every picture, or changes the saved file names (ie Montage).
OK… there is the standard Photo Album, but it has so few options, and no one to set the picture grid (too large space between rows), and unfortunately it still has the infamous issue with ICC color profiles of the pictures (I described it many times in the past years).

@Trystero, have you looked at Exif by DooBox or HV Slider by Tsooj Media?

Sounds like either will work for you…


Thank you, but I am looking for a Gallery, with all the thumbnails, a page like this one made with Weaverpix:
Unfortunately I haven’t find a Weaverpix theme allowing the original file names under the thumbnails or under the Lightbox pictures.

It’s the ProGallery Stack by Stacks4Stacks, now still in beta:

Here is my test Gallery + Lightbox: http://www.diegocuoghi.it/danord/

For the first time I tried also warehousing the pictures, it works well but I think that the creation of the thumbnails at the page opening it’s slower than the usual way of creating small resolution thumbnail files, as many other plugins and stacks do.

http://instacks.com/photostreamstack/ Is able to display file names only. Perfect for putting hundreds of pictures in a FTP folder and displaying them in a nice gallery/light box/slider.

I purchased Photostream Stack in the recent BlackFriday sale, I will try also this stack for the next update of my site.