Easy to maintain thumbnail image wall that links to pages

Any suggestions for an Easy to Maintain stack that will do a wall of thumbnail images with links to html/php pages?

There’s tons of ways to “manually” do this but there would be a good number of Book Cover images in Alphabetical order and as new ones are added over time the thumbs would need be re-sorted (re-ordered) in their “containers” to keep them in Alpha order.

Something similar to ProGallery 2 with it’s controlling csv file would be great. But ProGallery 2 launches the clicked thumbnail as the first pic in a gallery. I simply want the thumbnail to link to pages.

Ideas? Thanks!

Total CMS blog could do that easily

I don’t blog, don’t need CMS and I don’t want to spend $99 for a single “thumbnail” wall. But thanks much. I do appreciate your reply.

humm… perhaps I can do something with DropCMS though… thinking… thinking… Again, thanks scott

Other ideas? please?

Standard Grid stack with image stack inside, yes, you have to build it, but it will work. I know this is not what you want, but most galleries out there are going to open lightbox or link to images. This is simple, yes time consuming, but simple.

I’m thinking I can use DropCMS or just use php includes in Grid containers. I’ll setup the grid and in each Grid container I’ll have an php include. It will be generic, such as thumblink1.html, thumblink2.html, etc. This will not change. The calls will remain in the same containers so the stack never need br re-ordered.

I’ll then create the include files with each being a simple linked image. When I need to insert an image, say at the 5th position, I’ll just create a new file with the appropriate image and number (“thumblink5”) AFTER using a file renaming utility to “bump” the existing include file names of “thumblink5” and all those that follow. Thumblink5 becomes thumblink6 and etc and that image will move from container 5 to container 6.

This will have the effect of “reflowing the images in the containers” after the inserted one.

This probably makes sense to no one but it works in my head… If I have to insert a cover in the the 3rd position I manipulate the names of the include files that calling the linked image… not the RW containers.

A “wall” of linked images could be re-ordered very quickly in this manner while still using a great stack such as Adaptive Grid.

Why not simply turn-off the lightbox in the stack settings, using the checkbox option already provided? Then whatever URL you provide against an image in column #6 of the CSV file will get applied as your thumbnail link instead. ProGallery has supported this since version 2 and a lot of people use the stack like this.

If you did want to be talked-into going the CMS route, then my personal recommendation is that you take a closer look at WebYep. One of the stacks included is a responsive thumbnail grid. Images are automatically resized as you login and upload them. It is easy to reorder images in the grid and delete older ones. And like with ProGallery, the lightbox can be disabled, so you can apply regular URLs to the thumbnails instead.


Maybe this:

@willwood - humm… I tried that setting but couldn’t seem to get it to work. That was my original idea and goal. Does the demo work OK with lightbox turned off? If so then I must have had something else set wrong. I’ll re-investigate. I trust I just had setup wrong.

@willwood… Will, I did have it setup wrong. The ProGallery stack is now working exactly as I wanted. Awesome. Thanks for your post letting me know it should do as I originally thought. AWESOME stack!

A dynamic “thumbnail wall” of image links with data coming from a csv file… Awesome!

Thanks for offering this stack!

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