3 column can't make images link or show up correctly

Hi everyone, I’m a problem, I want to have 3 Images in a 3 column layout that will link to a gallery of images relating to the thumbnails. I currently have a 3 column stack with the image stack dropped in. Originally, I tried my nick cates photo group/base stack but it made the thumbs really small and not evenly spaced unless I had a specific size set for the thumbs. I do have keywords linked properly using NC-photo as mentioned above. (really disappointed about the thumbs there, plus not reliable support).

I’ve also tried some other grid stacks I have but I can’t get this to work. I can’t upload a pic figures… Hope you can assist.

Sounds like you want a gallery stack inside a grid stack. Like this? https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/corporate_event_photography/#portfolios

Sort of, but on the page you sent the thumbs are not linked…

Sorry on the bottom of the site you sent it does exactly what I want

So that is a grid (you can use a column stack if you want) with a https://stacks4stacks.com/progallery/ in each grid/column.

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Thanks I will give it a try… I’m surprised the photo base/group stack won’t do this correctly but it could be user error…

Nice work by the way…

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Thanks for the help Lisa!!!

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I haven’t used Photo in quite a while but just in case you haven’t seen it, there’s a video on linking images to a gallery: https://vimeo.com/164036167 in which case you should be able to do what Lisa has done with Photo (not that I’m discouraging Will’s excellent stack)


I’m not familiar with that stack, so I couldn’t tell you. I just figured it couldn’t hurt to tell you how I do it.
And thanks for the compliment on my work :slight_smile:

jabo… thanks for that link, for whatever reason, I didn’t see that tutorial and it worked! I figured for how much photo costs it should have done what I needed…

Thanks to both of you!!!


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