Introducing the ProGallery stack

This brand new stack will let you effortlessly create a beautiful and feature-rich gallery. You can use ProGallery for photography portfolios, showcases, product galleries, digital archives, video showcases and many other projects. ProGallery can generate an adaptive grid of thumbnail images sourced directly from RapidWeaver, a warehouse location, an online directory, a CSV file or Total CMS depot. Clicking or tapping the thumbnail image reveals full-sized content within a powerful lightbox; supporting slideshows, swipe navigation, zooming, thumbnails, downloads, titles and captions.

A free demo version is provided, so you can download and experiment with ProGallery yourself, on your computer. This is likely to be one of the most powerful image gallery stacks you have used, and possibly the only one you need! Throughout the extensive public Beta, a lot of feature requests have been incorporated into this stack; combined with lots of testing.

If you have previously been Beta testing the ProGallery stack up until this point, please purchase a copy of the stack to continue using it.

For more information about ProGallery, please visit the product page.


Hats off - in my eyes the best Gallery Stack for RW at the moment. Time to trash my old Ultimate Warehouse Gallery Stacks Bundle that is not supported anymore. It’s great to see that someone see the need for warehouse folder Galleries. That you also add the TotalCMS support for depots is awesome. Hope you add the TotalCMS support for Galleries too - than this is the perfect solution for photographers…

Would be awesome for you to have it available on the RW Community site @willwood :wink:

Looks really nice, great addition to Total CMS. Does it work with Easy CMS images as well?


That should work, because you can use the CMS path and use warehoused picture.

@WDA, thanks for the feedback, but there is no ‘Depot’ for files like there is in Total CMS, that’s why I asked.

@Turtle EasyCMS don’t support Galleries. You need to add a Single Warehoused Image at the ProGallery Stack, then add the EasyCMS Image path - thats it…

This is an awesome stack, great integration by @willwood into other areas. As far as this working with EasyCMS, we do not have the stack to test here, but my guess is no, as it says you need the ID to the file depot. Again, we do not have the stack for testing, so I could be wrong.

@WDA, yup, I know the limitations and differences between Total CMS and Easy CMS very well.

@zeebe, thanks. That truly is the one thing missing from Easy CMS is a file depot, other than that it is perfect.

Thanks to all

GREAT JOB @willwood!!!

To all this inquiring about CMS integration; I built a cms demo a while back with the public beta version. Here is a link to the admin page.

You will see how I used Total cms to create a snippet generator as well as add content to the gallery though a form, and warehouse images with a Total CMS Admin Gallery.

This could easily be done with Easy CMS if you found another way of warehousing images such as @joeworkman’s Dispatch Server Stack, Flicker [Here is a tutorial for Flicker], FTP, or another of the many methods.

Total CMS really streamlines and simplifies some wonderful and useful features.

However there are actually very few limitations to Easy CMS if you want to take the time to set something up yourself.

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Thank you all for the positive feedback about ProGallery! :slightly_smiling:

Regarding Total CMS / Easy CMS / Galleries support, it would be best to raise a support ticket with Joe Workman support. They know the limits of their addons and will be able to confirm exactly what will work with what. Joe previously setup Total CMS support in the Playlister stack for me, and I have reused some of that same code and settings in ProGallery too. If there are code or features that can be safely added to ProGallery (to improve its compatibility or usefulness even further) then I’m sure additional free updates will follow.

The warehouse capabilities in ProGallery are quite powerful and this stack can talk to some other publishing platforms and content management sysstems. During my own tests for example, I could get ProGallery to connect to the media gallery in Pulse CMS. So that would open the ability to gather images uploaded from an entirely different publishing platform outside of RapidWeaver. Pulse CMS of course, is now owned by our good friend Michael Frankland from Yuzoolthemes. :wink:


I’m using ProGallery. It’s very nice! Thanks Will.

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Just converted my site to using the new ProGallery stack, like others I was using the Ultimate Gallery from Wesley (it worked perfectly but I had concerns about support).

I took the opportunity to redo all my images with a new watermark (via Aperture). The stack works great though it does take a little while to create all the thumbnails (over 4800 spread over 31 pages, which is nearly 3Gb of photos). I think the Ultimate Gallery stack used to create a folder with all the thumbnails so it didn’t have to do that processing all the time.

I would have preferred an option to set the size of the light-box (couldn’t see a way to change it) but the overall effect is very slick, the addition of smaller thumbnails at the bottom of the light-box is a nice touch.

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Thank you for the feedback.

Yes I would recommend avoiding any addons from the ‘WeaverAddons’ brand, unless they become actively developed again (which is looking increasingly unlikely now). Google Picasa is going to become obsolete within the next few weeks and it looks like Flickr might be rolling out some major revisions to their API too. So it would be wise to stick-with using trusted RapidWeaver photography addons that are being actively developed and supported.

There are several free and paid tools available that can help you batch-watermark and resize images; in readiness of publication onto the internet. These can be a massive time saver. DropFix is very good for batch-resizing images and generating thumbnails. I also hear good things about iWatermark. I think that with Apple killing-off Aperture, some of these smaller shareware apps may become a popular choice once again. I’m still researching Aperture replacements. Such a shame to see it axed…

Yes it did, but if you went the automated route, it gave little control over the titles and captions applied to images and there was no retina image support. After speaking with UltimateGallery stack users (prior to developing ProGallery), this was the deal-breaker for many.

So although ProGallery may be more time consuming to setup (depending on the image source used) it should hopefully give you more control over image names and titles - of particular importance of SEO - which the UltimateGallery stacks really sucked at! ProGallery is much more modern in its approach. Also the automatically generated square thumbnails that UltimateGallery stacks did proved to be unreliable for many people.

If you can see a way that this could be improved to better-intergrate with your workflow, then feel free to email me.

The latest version of ProGallery does have the option to apply padding and push lightboxed images further-in from the edge of the screen (so you can avoid having the controls or captions overlaying your images). However because this is a responsive gallery, there is no maximum height or width settings available. We have no knowledge of the size or shape of the images you are supplying. Most users expect images to be scaled-up to the most optimal screen height or width. If you want to have more control over image sizing, then this should be feasible with custom CSS code. Again any feature requests can be emailed to me and everything is considered!

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Thanks for the responses, Will. I was bummed about Aperture as well, all my new photographs will be processed by Capture One which has a similar cataloging function to Aperture.

It also has an impressive RAW processing engine, plus it was cheap as they have a great deal for Sony owners (A6300).

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I’ve been agonizing over that for nearly a year.

I’ve recently received a very steep academic discount on Lightroom, so I’ve decided to start the transfer over to that. I hate that Adobe has gone the subscription route, but I will give them props that it really is a nice replacement.

The fact that it doesn’t alter your original files, or more importantly, include them in some cryptic closed file structure, means that if I ever have to migrate again it will be much, much easier.

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Just downloaded and played with the demo for this, and as usual, am mightily impressed by Will’s work. Instant purchase, and I know this will continue to be improved with Will’s high quality standards. While I appreciate being able to drag a bunch of optimized images straight into Weaverpix, I usually had to bring the WP gallery in via PlusKit. I love the fact that a stack is now available, allowing much more freedom for layout.

I know this is geared towards automating large numbers of images from sources/methods usually used by photographers, but it is such an elegant implementation that I would love to see an easy way to quickly add 10-12 local images without having to click on the blue + button numerous times. Perhaps a setting to specify how many images to automatically add them to the stack area.

The Stacks plugin will be dropping support for numbered repeats soon (i.e. entering a number in the stack settings to control how many items you want to display items) so this is something I’ve purposefully tried to avoid and I’ve gradualy been removing it from some of my other stacks: Repeat · yourhead/s3 Wiki · GitHub

If you select any stack in edit mode (by its title) with your mouse and hold down the ALT key while dragging it, you should find it duplicates. This system also permits you to change the ordering of sub-stacks too (something that was never previously feasible with repeats).

Based on what I’ve seen, 10 - 30 images seems to be about the average number of images people tend to use in ProGallery. But I have seen some galleries that have incorporated several hundred images into a single ProGallery stack.

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Ah, OK, I understand. Option-dragging duplicates, but singly, unless there’s an extra step I’m missing. RW doesn’t let you select more than 1 stack at a time to duplicate, unfortunately. I’ll have to experiment to understand what you mean by change the ordering of sub-stacks.

Yes, you can do what you want. The “trick” is to put a combo of relevant stacks into a meta-stack. In this case that would be a 1-column stack. Then you can copy/paste it, or option-drag it, to duplicate the whole thing. There are even cooler things you can do with partials, but for right now using the 1-column stack for a meta-stack should help a lot.

@Jody I’m not aware of a method to highlight multiple sub-stack elements in edit mode and duplicate them. This is perhaps something that needs to be submitted as a feature request - I imagine it is something that could be of use in many other stacks - therefore something that needs adding to the Stacks API.

A useful feature of sub-stacks is the ability to reorder them. Assuming you have a gallery of 22 images and you want number 16 to show first, you can easily drag and drop sub-stacks into a new order, within ProGallery. Previously the old system of ‘repeats’ Stacks 2 had did not support this; which made things very difficult if you wanted to reshuffle things around or delete non-required items within an inventory. The old system meant that sometimes you might be in a position of having to delete and rebuild entire sections of pages. So this new system of sub-stacks is 10x better and much-less of a performance drain.

@Mathew Not sure that will work. Sub-stacks (like each ‘ProGallery Single Local Image’ instance) are very specific about where they are placed (they have dependencies on the parent stack. Although you can place a 1-column stack inside ProGallery, I think you might find you hit the inability to then place sub-stacks within your 1-column stack. You might wish to try it in RW and see what happens, but it doesn’t seem to work for me at this end.