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Hello everyone,
I know that this topic has been covered earlier - Nov’15 and Oct’16. This is a looong time in the tech development space. My Rapidwever experience started many years ago, but e-commerce was not available. I have built many websites then, recently however I wish to get back to the app because I understand e-commerce and I understand (more or less) Rapidweaver. I’m asking you to help me to comprehend the concept how Rapidweaver handle e-commerce and then I wish to know where do I start to put it all together. I’m aware of the fact that I would need plugins, add-ons and perhaps other things. Do you think you could help me out to get moving?

Hi Richard,

I think the key question first of all is are you going to be running the e-commerce part yourself via Rapidweaver or is it for a client who needs to update the products and other details themselves?


Hi Rob,

Thank you for your response.
I will be building my own website, designing it, uploading it, etc all by myself. I live currently in Dubai where certain payment processors that are widely used round the world like PayPal, are unavailable to everyone or not practical. Since there are no taxes here and no need for the real invoices, cash and credit card is the most preferred payment system.


Given that Paypal’s not an option, then I’d probably look at RapidCart Pro 4 which is available in a couple of versions to try before you buy so you can see if it’ll suit your needs.

Here’s a link.


As Rob says, Rapidcart pro would work - you could use Stripe for credit cards and a ‘COD’ option for those paying offline in cash. Another option is ECWID, which has a free version for up to 10 items and ports over to Rapidweaver quite easily


Thank you for the tip. I was not aware of these plugins/addons. All I knew from my past were Stacks. I like using it, so will probably upgrade it too.

Thanks, Rich

Hello Jason,

What a community…!
I was trying to ask these questions directly to RW support for over a week, but here, I got your help in a day. Thank you guys.
Can you clarify what is ECWID?


Might want to check out their website.


Hey Doug,

Thank you, will check the link.