Any other RW ECommerce options with no monthly payment except Rapidcart?

I’m using Rapidcart Pro to collect payments on my website. It has done me proud over the last few years but I’m concerned about the comments on the forum regarding the lack of support and am thinking of switching as I’m worried I will get unstuck in the future.

Are there any other options that for a one off fee (and no monthly subscriptions) that will allow me to process payments?

If there’s no other options and I have to pay monthly…I’m looking at Ecwid (but free plan only allows 10 products) and Cartloom and would appreciate any feedback about the pros and cons of either

Or any other recommendations for an commerce solution website built with RW8 and Foundation Stacks.

I’ve also seen some other options - Yabdab Paysnap and Yuzool Cart - but I think that these just allow payment through Paypal… this might be ok for me so any feedback on these would be good too!

Thanks to all for reading and commenting in advance

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Cart should allow Stripe payments if that helps.

Ecwid does have a 10-item limit but you can get creative with options / variations on a single product, so it can be extended in some cases.

If RCP is currently working, though, I wouldn’t necessarily switch based on the forum comments. They seem more active than before and have been updating along with the new RW releases.

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thanks… yes its true they have been releasing updates… if you are reading this @rob please don’t desert us Rapidcart users … I really like the product… and it would be great if you could reach out to all your users and let them know you are still there for us and will keep supporting and updating RC Pro

RapidCart Pro is supported and regularly updated.
Latest RapidCart Pro version is 4.13.1 (2110) released on Mar 1st, 2019.

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Thank you @rob that’s great to know… I’ll be sticking with you and RC Pro then!

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There was a period of absence a couple of years ago, but I have to say @rob has been a regular on the forums since, updates have been regular and his support to me personally has been first class.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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