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Would like to know which would be the best responsive theme, add ons, plugins to build an online business-store (to sell physical products, downloads material like ebooks, audio and apps, etc); Sold, Foundation… with all payments facilities (Paypal, credit card, etc) and drop down menu. I’m hopping somebody can help me out within the RapidWeaver community

I’d start by taking a look at Boutique -

Hey Rob,

Yes indeed looks good, gonna to give it a try…


RapidCart Pro is a complete e-commerce solution for RapidWeaver.
It supports PayPal, Stripe and other payment methods including offline orders.
It’s fully responsive and work great with most 3rd-party themes.
I suggest you to give it a try.

Here’s a gallery of a demo store published with some of the coolest themes available.

And here’s a small selection of great 3rd-party responsive themes that fully support RapidCart Pro.
Themes by ThemeFlood feature a built-in cart that let you show cart with total on top menu in all pages.


Will have a look at it.


Great, will do


For example the Boutique + RapidCart Pro would do the job ?
or still better the full Foundation Bundle + RapidCart Pro ?
-will need freedom to create and build…

Thanks Rob,
For example RapidCart Pro + the Boutique theme would do the job ?
or still better RapidCart Pro + the full Foundation Bundle ?

Boutique is a theme specifically designed for e-commerce.
Cart integrated into menu is a cool addition that makes the website more “store-oriented”.
In just few clicks you’ll get your store published.

Foundation gives you more freedom, but you need to design your own style.



If that was the review you left for RapidCartPro, you can find a detailed comparison here.

Just as an FYI, questions like that should be set to the developer or submitted in the forum here.


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