Asking for help on finding a biz theme

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for a flexible theme for my business. I’m producing a variety of products that I’m planning to sell online, so the theme should

—work fine w. Rapid Cart Pro.
—Ability to place a Logo
Since my products need to be listed in categories I’d love to have a
—multiple level menu.
—fixed menu despite scrolling
—search function

After a long time being inactive as for building web sites, I realized a dramatic change in design and function (flexible). I’m surprised to see most menu tabs not going over one or two levels. What is the intention behind it?
So far my fav. themes seem to be Lode, Flexer Theme, Dashboard, Serenade Theme
Again, it’s gonna be a business page. You input is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Here’s a menu that I really like: Klick on products and watch the menu expand the way I would love to have it on my site too. Anything like that available in a RW theme?

I’ve stumbled over Boutique" Theme a few days ago. I can’t see how the navi bar/ tabs can be sticky on top. I can’t seem to quite understand what makes this theme more suitable for a business than other themes. I’m sure I’m missing here. I remain curious.

I don’t think Boutique has a sticky top menu built-in. However, it has been optimised for RapidCartPro and I believe it has ‘hooks’ that make it work more easily with RapidSearchPro. So that meets a few of your criteria.

I see. Thanks Rob,…

A number of other themes from themeflood are optimized for Rapidcart Pro, including Altitude, Paradise and Forest and probably others as well. If you visit the site, it is mentioned in each theme description as to whether it is optimized for RCP.

Thanks, I will look them up too.