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I am after some advice about creating an e-commerce site with RapidWeaver for a customer. I don’t want to be involved in maintaining the product catalogue; the customer needs to be able to do that. Other than that I am pretty open to suggestions.

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I think any of the online carts like Ecwid will integrate fine and allow the client to manage everything independently of you. Ecwid offer a free plug in and so have been keen to ingratiate themselves to the community. I can’t comment on how good it is as I haven’t used it, but others will, I’m sure, chime in :slight_smile:


Ecwid could work, cartloom is another option.

Hi @davidw1234.
Take a look at RapidCart Pro 4.

Will Rapidcart allow remote management of a product catalogue Rob?

Hi Roberto, thanks for replying. Please could you clarify whether the product management in RapidCart Pro can be carried out through a web interface or whether it can only be managed within Rapidweaver?



The latter you said, David.
Your customer needs to update its catalog using RapidWeaver.

Cartloom offers the easiest eCommerce setup for both the RapidWeaver site creator, and end client. The RapidWeaver site creator can simply drag a product group from Cartloom - and drop it into a Stacks page, then the client could manage the product group in the Cartloom web app. It’s very elegant to use, and no other commerce system offers this level of RapidWeaver integration. Here’s a video of how this works:

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Thanks everybody for the help. As Doug says, Ecwid and Cartloom are options and appear to be similar costs.

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