RapidCart unsupported ? ... alternatives?

Hi - I’m working on site for selling things that I make

I started using RapidCart a couple of years ago after a horrific sojourn into the world of OpenCart

Rapidweaver generally serves my purposes, but frustratingly RapidCart now seems to be unsupported - no answer from the makers

Does anyone have further info ?

Does anybody have advice on comparable alternatives going forward ?

Many thanks,


My impression is that RapidCart support is patchy. It’s confusing though because while some people come on here and complain about the lack of support, you’ll also get the occasional voice which seems perfectly happy with the help they get. It’s a bit odd.

The only thing I can think of that’s fairly comparable to RapidCart would be the Cart 2 stacks sold by Yuzool

Alternatively, if you only have less than 10 products to sell, Ecwid doesn’t require a subscription.

If you’re happy to pay a monthly sub, then Cartloom is very good.

You didn’t say what exactly you needed, just the “cart” function or more of a complete online store.
There’s cart2 from @yuzool, it doesn’t have all the features of a complete store, but is a good “cart”.
The complete store solutions are limited to the outside “hosted”, subscription model that Rob mentioned above.
Ecwid also has paid subscription for more than 10 items, a free RapidWeaver plugin and some training videos from @ben.

Post on videos

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Another one I’d put on the recommended list is Mal’s E-commerce:

It’s a bit of an ‘oldie’, but still works very well. It has a lot of loyal users worldwide and very friendly tech support. Both a free and premium tier are available. The generated code snippets are quick to paste into RapidWeaver and work with any page type (not just Stacks).

Thanks for input all

I’ve really enjoyed using RapidCart 4 - such a shame it’s languishing. I guess only the developers know what’s going happen on here, but based on history and current silence, it’s probably smart to start some other experiments : )

Further comments / suggestions welcome

Thanks again all !

There’s a post where it says that they still offer support but only for licence retrieval and ‘critical bugs’ and not general web dev/design questions but ‘critical’ is in the eye of the beholder, imo. With Stacks 4 and Rapidweaver 8 on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see if RCP makes any updates.

I echo Ecwid and Cart 2 if you have relatively simple store setups (haven’t experienced Mals before). Cartloom looks great if you could justify the monthly expense. If you do try out RCP, I’d keep it as stock/un-customized as possible.

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With their history of support or NO support, I wouldn’t touch any of their products. I know RCP is a complicated product, and because of that requires a lot of support. I’m sure at the price they charged and the hours they put in, it’s was not cost effective to continue. But I think they could have come up with a better way to recover costs then just abandoning the paid users. Perhaps paid support on a subscription or per issue basis would have been a better option.

I don’t believe that is stated on their website, and should be made clear since they still sell RCP.

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RapidCart Pro 4 is actively supported and updated.

Latest RapidCart Pro version available is 4.10.1 released on April 16th, 2018.

We have recently changed our support system due to handled problems and now all support is managed thru email.
Our support website is available at https://help.4gnd.com while you can send an email to help@4gnd.com to get support.

In addition we are currently working on RW8 support and a compatible version will be available when RW8 will be released.


I know that I had to redo stores on 3 different sites because of missing order emails and other issues that I could never get support with. If the issue was a support system, hopefully things are running smoothly and people are getting their emails answered. (Though a little proactive communication could help with goodwill to your user base)

There’s obviously a market for your product so I’ll keep an open mind and await reviews and sample sites from new users.

I have to say in Rob’s defence, when I was redesigning my site to work with Foundation, he provided me with a project file to show how it should work.

I think Rapidcart Pro is a beast of a product that has been essentially well written. I think the question of support needs to prove itself to the wider RW community, but I hope everyone gives Rob another chance.


I would also like to say - from what I’ve experienced, it’s a great product and it’s both useable and likeable

I just don’t wanna be dumped and I don’t want to be ignored

To progress my project, it would really help me to feel like you’re progressing yours. If something doesn’t work - like perhaps support is simply unmanageable, then what’s to lose by talking about it and getting users on-side. Likewise, if you’re thinking of ending support, say so or pass the project on !?

Thanks, Jol

I’ve been using RC Pro for quite a while, and while I had some critical issues that never got a response for the developer, things eventually got resolved, magically.

As someone else said, it’s a crazy powerful product, and when it’s working, it’s fantastic. If you already have it, I’d say keep using it and ask the forums here for help if you can’t get support. But it sounds like the support may be better now.

Thought that I would chip in here re the whole CART issue.
There is always some interesting chat on this forum and on Weaver’s Space too.

So this is a message to everyone who develops carts for RW.

PayPal v2 is currently in Beta and I know that PayKickStart (which is a non RW cart) is advertising itself as the FIRST cart with PayPal v2 integration.

I have already asked Paddle if they are intending to migrate to PayPal v2, but as yet no answer.

So the question is does anyone know if any RW cart will integrate with PayPal v2 and (ideally) when please?

@yuzool @rob @willwood @nickcates

Thanks All!

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Why would you need PayPal v2 integration in RapidCart Pro?
What additional features should PayPal v2 give you compared to current version?

PayPal in RapidCart Pro is used only as a payment gateway. All products, discounts, taxes and shipping handling is managed by RapidCart Pro.

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Roberto’s support has been really good for me; this includes implementing features and modifications to the program (where they made sense for all users, of course.) As many have said, RCP4 is a powerful product…it is the only one that could do what my startup web-based business needed.

I am very happy to stick with Foreground and look forward to their continued support of the platform.

@Roberto: That also means that I am glad to support you in any reasonable way your company needs beyond the initial purchase (that includes any of the ideas others have listed above, paid upgrades, etc.) I think you have some ardent fans here and would no doubt get more if you could also focus some time/resources on pro-active post-sale customer communication support. Thanks for all you do to help us.


This is a great question. What ARE the benefits, new features coming in V2? Does it even matter for those of us who are purely using PayPal for handling the transaction?

What are the differences between the v1 API and the v2 API that you need In RapidWeaver?

Generally speaking, anything marked ‘Beta’ is risky to use in a live website.

If you are seeking changes to the appearance or functionality of a shopping cart, then I suspect that is mostly the responsibility of the cart developer to implement. The PayPal API stuff is mostly on the backend.


I was hesitant about adopting (or upgrading to) RCP4, and had bad memories of frustration and re-working of client websites when version 3 stopped working with RW7 (or was it RW6?) with a resounding silence on the matter from the developers. A couple of years passed and I was not even made aware of a v4 until I needed to add a digital download platform recently and PaySnap stacks could not cope. My question about this on another forum got some enthusiastic responses about RCP4, so I thought I would take a look, and I was most impressed. My concerns about lack of support (as per the comments on this forum) were put to the test when the only published means of contact I could find on their website was via a worryingly disused Twitter account, so I had to ask around for an email address. Once I had emailed a couple of queries these were pretty promptly answered and subsequently, on reporting a bug, I was soon rewarded with a fix within a new release.

So, I am happily using RCP4 now with some great results. Clearly the guys at Foreground have some work to do when it comes to channels of communication and although there may be legitimate reasons for this I don’t think it is as it should be, but once I was in touch with them they were very helpful. RCP4 is certainly a very comprehensive and well-considered product, and I am happy to recommend it.


No, it doesn’t afaik. This is why I’m asking if there’s a real reason for asking for a v2 support beside the compulsive i-want-the-latest-version need.


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