Can I edit html code directly?

Is there a way to directly edit or cut/paste html code directly into new page created with rapid weaver ?

Also Can I import files directly into rapid weaver and then edit the html ?

Thanks for the help

Rapidweaver comes with an HTML page type into which you can paste (or type) code.

If you use Stacks there’s also an HTML stack which does the same job.

You can’t import files directly into RW - at least not in the way I think you mean. It’s not designed to be used that way.


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(After writing this post, I was advised by a fellow designer of a stack that does “directly” edit html code.
See my note “ADDITIONAL NOTE” at the end of this.)

Unfortunately you can’t “directly” edit html code in Rapidweaver as of this date.
But there is a work around.
Fairly easy to do.
But you need 2 free programs to help you do this:

Cyberduck (download link below)

Text Wrangler (download link below)

Here’s how to edit your site’s RW html code:

First, open Cyberduck and set it up to open your Rapidweaver files that are already on your web server.
Which is easy to do.

Step (1)
Open your RW files in Cyberduck.
Highlight the “index.html” file of your website.

(Step 2)
Go to Cyberduck/File and scroll down to “Edit With”
You will be presented with any possible program that will do this
that you have installed on your computer.
Then pick your text editor of choice, in my case it’s Text Wrangler”

Step (3)
Your website’s html code will open.
Edit what you want (delete/add/whatever).
Save it.
And your website will now reflect these changes.

If you do a new “Publish” operation in Rapidweaver,
all these html code changes that you made here will be overwritten and disappear.
Which means that if you want these changes to be permanent
you have to go through all this every time your Re-Publish your site in RW.

Hint: I save a regular Text Edit file with all my html code changes.
Then I can re-do this more easily each time I re-publish in RW

This is where we all need some help from RealMac!!!
RW should absolutely have this direct html editing feature in any new version of RW.
And unfortunately, it seems the new version of RW, version 8, doesn’t have this feature.

Attention Realmac: why isn’t this much needed feature in RW? Like now!!!

After writing this, a friend told me about a stack that does everything I talked about in this post. True it’s not actually built in to RW, but as an additional stack, it does seem to do what I talk about here. It’s from “One Little Designer” and the stack is called “HTML Body.” Guess I haven’t been on top of this like I should have been. Anyway, here’s the link to the stack: