Elements RSS feed

Is there going to be a way to build an RSS feed in Elements that we can then upload automatically to our hosting service. Even if I have to manually build an XML file. My goal is to have most of the advantages of Wordpress without the baggage of Wordpress.

It’s not something we have planned right now, but a third-party could certainly build something once Elements launches. How do you see the RSS feed working, or what did you need it for? The more details you can share the better!

We do however plan on building in a basic blog and that will obviously support RSS, however this will not be part of the Alpha.

Basic blog with RSS is totally fine. My intentions were to build a manual blog using individual pages. As far as the xml file itself—very basic so that it gets syndicated and links back to my website.

Can a raw text file be made and uploaded from within Elements? This would allow for building robots.txt files inside Elements also.

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That is an interesting approach for a stop gap until Realmac can put together a real blogging engine. Speaking of a blogging engine, it would be even better if it is built so that we can use third party tools like MarsEdit to produce content for the blog.

@jscotta How many apps do you play with? The contrast between you and I is amazing. I look for simple and streamlined at every corner. You seem to love playing and making things work together. Just an observation, not judgment. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even a judgement is fine! I have very thick skin. It comes from being so old.

I use a lot of different apps because I consult with companies across a lot of different industries and they all have different needs and use cases. My focus has always been on using technology to help people achieve their goals. Both tech and goals change often so I have to expose myself to a lot of different technologies (and apps) in order to serve my customers well. Not to mention, serving my own needs.