Elevator down or similar

Due to more people using their phones to view websites, I am wondering if someone has something like the Elevator stack that has both an up and down arrow? There are times when I want to jump to the bottom and scrolling takes a long time.

Curious to what my expert developers think… and if there is something out there like it. @tav @joeworkman @willwood ?

thanks, Lisa

Ah ok, thx Steve. I’ve never used MG that way. I’ll have to play around with it :slight_smile:

Also, you might have a look at Nick Cates’ Scroll Page stack. I’ve heard good things about it from some of my customers. Nick does good stuff.

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@SteveB do you know if I can have 2 sets of Magicgellan? I just set up the up down arrows: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/ and it works great. But then I have some other pages: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/client-products/prints-wall-art/ that already have a MG stack and I think I might have to switch to the Dots?

Hi, I created something similar in my Earth project for Foundation. The Navigation at the bottom is based on the great Mouser stack and ButtonPlus2 from BigWhiteDuck.



Yes, as I was trying to fall asleep last night, it occurred to me that links might be better.

@SteveB Can you tell me if the Chroma stacks are something I should have? I just got used to the Pro Stacks with MagicG. I know and use Font Awesome code… sounds like a good thing?

@jochenabitz this is great as well.

Anyone willing to share their project files so I have a jumping off point? If not, no worries.

thanks, Lisa

cool. Yes, I am constantly finding new things about @tav’s stacks. I’ll check out Chroma.

It is free and great, but please do not forget to donate!

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Absolutely, I’ve donated to @tav. He deserves more for all his free stacks, but I do donate every so often.

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