Ascend - New RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium ^.^

Say hello to ASCEND - A killer new stack from Weavium!

Ascend is a unique stack meant to replace boring old scroll-to-top buttons, with more functional, practical, scroll-to menus! Create list/grid style scroll-to menus with scroll markers that will lead your users to just the right place~

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The goal of this stack was to help users scroll exactly where they need to on the page, with ease~ We’ve included a special scroll-marker sub-stack making it easy to scroll to specific sections on the page!

As usual we’ve put a lot into developing & designing this stack! It comes with a great example page too! : ]

Find out more here:


Nice stack !
Would it be possible to add a function of customization of the icon?

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Very nicely done.

Btw, the scrolling is pretty choppy on an iPad Air 2.

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Hi there,

Great question~ We had a couple requests about this already, so we have gone ahead and added it to the stack! We just pushed the update (Version 1.0.4), so if you update the stack, you will find a couple of new options for changing the toggle icons, as well as hiding the toggle dots~


Thank you very much~

Animated scrolling can be choppy on some mobile devices, but we will look into to it to see if there is a smoother scrolling solution. It may be as simple as adding an option for setting the scroll speed.

Great stack and soooo useful! Thanks for adding the user changeable icon for the button. Is there any chance of adding a shadow option to the button as well?

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thanks ! …


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