Elixir Hive social badges bar depends on banner

Hi there. I’m working with Hive elixir theme. I found out I can not turn on social badges bar without an active banner. I don’t need any banner but I would like to turn on social badges bar. Any idea would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

If you mean the social icons will not show or work when you are using a slideshow for your banner (which uses extra content area #7), I am having the same issue. I ditched the social icons on the banner because of this, but would love to be able to have both.

Hi Sassafras.
Quite similar but another issue.
I mean that Hive social icon bar do not show up if you have no banner assign (built-in banners, custom or ECA#7). If you choose “none” in Banner style options theme, then social icon bar disappears even if it is activated in Social Badges Style options. In other words, social bar need an active banner(whatever) to show up regardless of is own settings.

Got it… I am not having that issue.