Need to add "Menu" next to Nav bars in Hive Theme by Elixir

My client wants me to add the word “Menu” next to the Nav bar icon in the Hive theme by Elixir. He’s afraid that potential clients who are older or not tech savvy will not know how to navigate the site. Any help, suggestions, or snippets of code is very much appreciated.

The following CSS in your site wide code should do the job. The media queries are just to keep it in the correct position as the menu icon resizes for smaller screens.

#nav_toggle::before{ position: absolute; content: "MENU"; right :45px; color: #7B7B7B; }

@media only screen and (min-width:480px){
right :70px;
} }

@media only screen and (min-width:768px){
right :90px;


I will give it a shot. Thank you so much for your help!!

I just plugged it in and it worked like a charm! You saved my design!!! Thank you so much and have a wonderful week!! :slight_smile:

Beautiful! I had asked the developer a similar question earlier, but did not get a helpful response — perhaps because my question was not well-formed!