Elixir Navagator Theme - Extra Content

Hi there, just bought Rapid Weaver 6.3 the other day, Today I bought Elixir Graphics Navigator Theme and I can’t find the “ExtraContent” add on? I’ve restarted RapidWeaver several time and it still does not appear.

The ExtraContect add on is what I want to use in certain situations.

Any help is appreciated.

Extra content areas are built into themes (note not all themes).
You can find an extra content stack here : [http://seydesign.com/products/Stacks/Free/ExtraContent/][1]
Anything you add inside this stack will be moved to the extra content area you set in the stacks settings, when you preview the page (note only if the theme has extra content areas built into it).
[1]: http://seydesign.com/products/Stacks/Free/ExtraContent/

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When I am adding extra content areas into navigator , even though I re number them but cannot get them to go where I want to as they change when you number them differently.
Even though they drag and drop they dont stay there in preview

Any help appreciated

@crg Extra content areas are in pre-set positions in the page, defined by the chosen theme (all themes will have a different approach to the extra content positions.

Now when you use an extra content area in stacks edit mode, what ever you place into that extra content stack will be presented in the location the theme defined for the extra content area.

So for example, lets say a theme decided that extra content 1 content, should be presented in a banner area directly below the main navigation bar. You can’t change that. If you place an extra content stack in edit mode and define it as extra content 1, then regardless of where in the edit mode screen you place that stack, it’s contents will always appear directly below the main navigation, because thats where the theme says to put extra content 1’s contents.

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