Trouble with ExtraContent 8 in Rainbow DD theme

I am relatively new to RapidWeaver so I am spending time putting a personal web site together and learning a lot. I purchased the Rainbow DD theme because I liked it and it had lots of options. So tonight I was trying to get the horizontal image that can be placed near the top of the page to work. I downloaded the ExtraContent stack and created a page with it. Added an image and attempted to follow the directions that the developer has shared.

I could not get the image to appear. I have tried a number of settings, but nothing works.

If I load this into the head (had to modify so it would appear)

img src="%resource(LockandDam4.jpg)%"

the image appears. I am using the latest versions of the software and have a very new Mac.

Any suggestions.

I looked at problems that others have had; no improvement with my work.

Screen shot here:

Hard to help if you don’t provide a link (URL) to the page in question.

Your screenshot indicates you are using Extra Content area 8. Are you positive area 8 is what you want to use? That’s a bit difficult for us to know. Somewhere the theme you are using should indicate where the various extra content areas will show up.

What @Mathew says: a URL always is very helpful to solve the problem.
It looks like you are using just a background image in your Extra Content stack.
When the stack has no content, there’s nothing to show, not even the background image.

Clear the background image.
Then drop a picture into the empty EC stack (or drop an Image stack into it and then drop the image inside) and it should work.

And of course be sure you chose one of the EC8 options


The site is not ready for prime time; I am just learning. Here is the raw site.

I tried your suggestion Macmenno, but it did not work. I’ve used the directions provided by the developer of the theme so I am stuck.

Maybe I will contact the developer.


I looked at the information on the ExtraContent stack and followed it to the tee. It still did not work as I expect. I guess I’ll give up.

@kfriii Fred, I have no further hints, so I’m afraid I can’t help you with this.
Don’t give up yet. Maybe @henkvrieselaar (the developer) can help out here.


Sorry for the late reply.

It’s rather simple to add an image to the EC8.

  1. Drag an ExtraContent stack into the Page.

  2. Select 8 in the settings of the stack (so it’s now ExtraContent8).

  3. Drag your image into this ExtraContent stack.

  4. Go to the Theme variations > ExtraContent 8 Image or Slideshow. By default it’s hidden, so select an option, for example “Show EC8 below Title and Slogan…

Now your image shows up in preview.

• Another option: drag your image into the Resources of RW.
Now paste this in the Content or Sidebar as plain text (RW > Edit > Paste as Plain Text):

<div id="myExtraContent8"><img src="%resource(your-image.jpg)%"></div>

Of course replace the name your-image.jpg with the name of your own image.

I hope this helps.

When it still doesn’t work, you can send me your RW project and the image.

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I had tried this on a page other than the home page, and it did not work. When I did it on the home page, it showed there and on the master style, but it does not appear on any other page. Is this correct? I assumed it work on all pages based on the master style.

Thanks for responding.

Fred Rist

Hi Fred,

It should work on all pages, but be sure you’ve enabled an option in the Theme variations > ExtraContent 8 Image or Slideshow in the Master Styles. And you have to put the code in my previous post in all pages of course.

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I purchased your theme assuming that it would work with other add-ons. I tried using Flow from YourHead. The Rainbox DD does not display the arrows that control image movement correctly.Is there something that I am missing? Fred Rist

All themes should work with other add-ons. Have you tried Flow with another theme, Fred? For example with one of the built-in themes?

Yes, I tried it with other themes. Sometimes Flow worked OK, but when I went back to that theme, Flow did not work. I was trying different themes. The results are very inconsistent. i assume RapidWeaver is not rendering the code consistently. The obvious error I saw was that the image of the arrow was incorrect.