Email capture .... then free pdf

My client wants to capture email addresses using the lure of a free pdf of info downloadable once email box is signed up.

Isnt this best done via mailchimp ? ie auto response with pdf attached.

I have JW post office set up linked to mailchimp already. But to add the free pdf on the website downloadable after email sign up … ummm I’d have to have a password protected page … password recieved by email?
Seems too much trouble. Or am I missing something?

There are two basic options,
1, Instant download: they fill in the email you send them to a thank you page with a download button.

2, email receipt. They give you their email, you auto send a thank you email with the attachment or a link to download.

Which are you after?

Ah yes thanks. I think the instant is probably best.

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