Opt-in email with download Ideas

I have the need to build a names list offering a free download. I would like to collect a name and then send an email to the address with a download link.


You could use the Joe Workman Post Office stack for that.

Thanks for the reply!

So help me think through this. This is a brand new project so I do not want to spend money on an email service yet (mail chimp, madmimi, etc.) until the list is big enough to be of value – about 20,000 names.

  1. Can I collect emails for 6-12 months into a list then later export those to an email service?
  2. Can Post Office, after I “go live” then be linked directly to the email service (mail chimp, madmimi, etc.) and automatically collect, add, and email with the rest of the earlier collected names?


You can use use Post Office with a MySQL database and if you switch to a service like Mailchimp, you can export your list and import it into the new service. Works great.


Cool! Couple last pre-sales question I think.

  1. Is there an option for double opt-in as I mentioned in the first post? I did not see it in the video or product page.
  2. I also haven’t found the support page for Post Office yet, is there one?

EDIT: Support https://docs.joeworkman.net/rapidweaver/stacks/post-office

Sorry If double Opt-in is available does it require a third party email service or can it use my hosting?

Look about half way down the page. Is this what you are looking for?

Mail chimp offer a free service for up to 2000 emails.

20,000 emails will cost you a fortune through one of those email services though, so it might be worth checking them out first.

I will likely use Sendy when it is time. But I don’t want to spend $1 for every double opt-in email that goes out. :wink: That is why I am asking about the Double Opt-in with Post Office directly. Perhaps attached to my hosting mail server? Currently with NimbleHost, which I believe is a relabeled GoDaddy hosting account. @zeebe @joeworkman

@Flash Not sure what you mean by double Opt In

@SteveB No demo, sorry.

Thanks for getting back. The following are the steps.

  1. When a visitor is on the website they would complete a form and hit submit. An email is sent by Sendy, my server or something. (This completes Opt-In step 1)

  2. That email has a link in it they have to click. (This would complete Opt-In step 2)

  3. The link when clicked takes the visitor back to the website, it is authenticated with a unique token or URL, which then displays the webpage and the download button for the free download. The authentication is to protect the free resource from hot linking.

Thanks for your help!

Here is a link that explains the other advantages.

If you are familiar with WordPress this is the plug-in I have used in the past. I am trying to get away from this.

If I remember correctly, Sitlok can do this.

It’s more than you need but only a one off payment per domain and you can send as many emails as you like.

Looking into this, looks promising!

I like @joeworkman’s Post Office stack. It allows you to display content upon successful submission. This would allow you to display a download link once they have submitted their email.

This wouldn’t address your desire to have a unique download link per user.

For me it worked better than Mailchimp because Mailchimp requires the user to click on a link in email. Sometimes the user forgets to do this or the confirmation email goes to spam.


You can set up formloom to do this. You can also customise the information you want to collate and set it to store in an SQL database, which is useful… The most you can get away with the better.

Thank you, I don’t see the double option feature though, did I miss something?