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I am redoing a friend’s website, and on his current Contact page, he has the email address a link where you click on it and it opens up your email program weather your on a computer, tablet or smartphone and it lest you send him a email. How to I get that same thing to work? Is it a code? If so where and how (step by step)? This is only my third website that I’ve done and I am new to this.

Here is his page:

Its just a simple mailto syntax that you add to a link…

Where and how do I add/put the code?

<a href="">Email Us</a>

Here are a few extra email tricks:

Inside of the standard RW link tool.


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So I select/highlight the email text, Click on link, when I put in the code in the URL, do I put in:

Email Us



Did you not see my screenshot? You put the mailto: into the URL field in the link box.


Will do and I will try it hopefully in a day or two once the client approves the design and I can upload it.

One note of caution!!!
Everyone does NOT have an email client connected on their computer.
For that reason I always link to a contact form and not to an email address.
(I was working at a college and a bunch of young people didn’t know what I was talking about (email client)!!! All Windoz users!!! They all used Gmail or Yahoo…had no idea they could have a program on their computer to handle email.

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