Client says Contact Page isn't working (it is), wondering how to get email to pop up?

(bob) #1

He wants just his email address instead of the contact page. So I’m wondering how to get a new ‘compose email’ to pop up when you click on an email address in a web page? Is this something RW can do? I have RW5 but can migrate to RW6 if needed. Thanks

(Vitor Costa) #2

Yes you could use something like:

<a href=""></a>

This will open the client’s email client so that he can send the email.
Is this what you need?

(Nik Fletcher) #3

You don’t need to use HTML, either: if you highlight some text, click “Add Link” and enter an email address in the Add Link sheet that appears, RapidWeaver will generate the code for you :smile:

(Vitor Costa) #4

Also to protect your email it is a good thing to use this app from Gary:


(bob) #5

Thanks to all for your suggestions. Just did the link as nikf suggested and it seems fine. Of course there are so many mail app’s out there I told the client I couldn’t be 100% sure it worked on everything. But he’s ok, for now. Can’t wait until he tells me he’s still not getting some email. Again, really appreciate your help.