Sidebar email link?

Hi, I’m new to RW 7 and I am using the Iris theme from Nickcates and I would like to have my email link on the sidebar. I don’t understand the code needed to make the email clickable. If you can offer any help, I’d appreciate it…

“< a href="”>John< /a>"

Everything in the above is important. "" is the email address you will link to; and “John” is the text that will be displayed on your website. Do not include the quotes or spaces before the angle brackets.

Hi Kenny, thanks very much…

Before you wrote, I tried mailto: my in the URL box and it also worked in the preview. Do you think I actually need all the other code?


let Google be your friend; many ways to accomplish the task:)

Adding an email link like this leaves it vulnerable to being harvested by spambots. Instead, go here and use the free tool to create the code you need and then paste it into your sidebar.



Hi Rob, thanks for the link, I’m not 100% sure how to apply this, if you know… do I simply add this in the java box in the code section while in General Settings, I click the box to show an email. Or do I add the code in each page in the html code tab in Rapidweaver in the java tab.

Thanks David