Email submittal form for list manager

After spending a lot of time on what seems like something that should be relatively simple, I am stumped trying to figure out how to generate a simple form to collect an email address and pass it along to my email list manager, which in this case is I need to either:

1.) have a simple form with just a single field for an email address and a submit button that sends the email to my Kartra list; or,

2.) have a button (or link) that triggers the following code for a Kartra form:

<div class='kartra_optin_containereccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3'></div><script src=""></script>

I’m stumped on both options. The second one may be the cleanest option, but I can’t seem to figure out how to set up a button or link to trigger the script.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious in all this, so I appreciate any advice.

The code isn’t showing up on the post. You need to select any code and mark it as code (tool bar above where you type) </> .

Also would be helpful if you indicated what type of page you would link the link or button on. I’m assuming you’re not using stacks, but probably styled text?
If you’re using styled text and all you need is a text link then you should be able to type the text, select it, and create a link from either the bottom button or the menu item.

The code is there now - thanks for pointing that out!. This is actually going to be on a Foundry page, in a three column bottom matter area just above the footer (or what Foundry calls the footer - I consider the whole area to be footer). I’m not particular about the actual “trigger” (button, link, etc.), just that I be able to style it appropriately and it be relatively obvious what the purpose is.


Did this come with some sort of instructions? It’s simply an empty <div>andh a javascript link. The div has a class, did they tell you what to do with it?

With stacks, it should be easy enough to create a button that would link to the list.

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I put the code above into an HTML stack. Put a header above and below it. and the JavaScript produces a “green” Register! button.

You could place that in a column stack. Don’t know about styling, etc that would probably be done somehow on their site.


Interesting - that is not what I was getting when I put it into an HTML stack, but I went back to Kartra, recopied the script and I am getting the button also, so thanks for the help. I think I need to go back to the Kartra site and see what formatting options I have. I did not see much first time around, but this was supposed to be a very basic form, so perhaps I need to try some different templates. I just wanted something simple, but maybe this was too simple! Thanks for inspiring me to experiment with this. I’m always appreciative of all you folks on the RapidWeaver Forums since there is so much to learn from y’all, even though I do not actively participate much - sometimes I just need a bump in the right direction.


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