Building e-mail lists & then providing content

Hi Guys

I am intending to start using Job Workmans CTA stacks to build my email subscriber lists.

I want to provide free content in the form of e-books once a site visitor has provided their email address.

How best to effect providing such content ?

I seem to recall reading somewhere that page redirects is an option but cannot recall how to set this up and which stacks to use.

Ideas , options and stacks to consider would be most helpful.

Kind Regards

You have a courteous le if options. I use formloom, which can store the emails on a google sheet or SQL database and redirects on completion. I believe Greg Barchards Forms Plus and Joe Workman’s Post Office stack can do the same.

Services like MailChimp etc have code for their own form, which you can simply paste into an html stack.

Hi @csmltd

I now have an email service for this. You can start collecting emails for only $1. When you’re ready to send, you can upgrade to a paid plan. The email plans also have a discount for Chillidog users too (just open a support ticket)!

For a CTA, I’m working on a Stack that will allow you to integrate with my newsletter. Joe’s PostOffice Stack should already do this and FormsPlus will in the future :slight_smile:



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