Email Capture Form

I’m using foundry to create single page landing pages to capture leads and build email lists ahead of a product launch.

I am trying to add in a simple form collecting email in the hero area but I can’t find a form stack suited.

I can add a simple html email capture form but am having trouble styling it.

It would be great if form stacks like foundry forms had a super easy single line capture option similar to the form on

Any work around would be much appreciated.

If you’re building an email list why not look at something like Mailchimp? The free offering may suit and you’ll get the code to paste into your hero area.

Thanks Rob,

It’s more the styling. Many of my clients wish to use an inline form that connects to Hubspot. The CSS html form styling is just defeating me at present :pensive:

@willwood might be able to create a custom solution for you

Thanks, I have sent @ay3784 a private message through these forums.

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