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(Jon) #1

Hi everyone! I know how to embed a single Instagram post, and my question is how to embed the entire feed so that the latest post appears (the directions on the Instagram site is confusing)? I am putting this on my blog, btw.

Thank you!

(Rob Beattie) #2

Looks to me like you can only embed a single post at a time.

I use this - https://stacks4stacks.com/instaviewer/ - which would work if you were using a Stacks-based blog like Poster, but if you’re using the built in blog I’m not sure how it could work.


(Jon) #3

Darn! Thank you though!!! :slight_smile:

(Joe Workman) #4

Total CMS supports oEmbed content in its Hipwig editor. I have thought about releasing that one feature as a stack but I just have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

(Jon) #5

Joe, will that help me with embedding Instagram on my RW blog? Thank you!

(Joe Workman) #6

Sorry. I missed that you are using the built in blog. This will not help you with that.

This is probably the easiest way to get oembeds to work for you…

(Jon) #7

Joe, thank you. I will look into it!

(system) #8

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