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Since Instagram has restricted it’s API and stacks like Instaviewer are no longer working, does anyone know of a way to embed an Instagram feed? On Instagram’s website I can only find embed code for individual posts. My customer has had thumbnails of the last 10 or so posts on her website and I need a way to continue this. Thanks!

Although it’s discontinued, I’ve got Instagram Connect working here on the Gallery page of www.hwdtest.co.uk - maybe 1LD could be persuaded to sell you an old one?

Alternatively, Weavium also has one. http://www.weavium.com/stacks/instagram-vista

The thing is, Instagram is closing their API in early 2020 so I doubt any of those things will work for long. I’m just surprised that other than individual posts, there doesn’t appear to be any way to embed into another site. I couldn’t even find an official button like Facebook’s tools. I had to make one myself.

I didn’t realise that.

A great opportunity for someone to develop a really easy way to take photos on your phone, add a short caption and then have them automatically uploaded to a RW website.

still available.

I wouldn’t purchase a new product that’s going to break when Instagram stops their API. I’m asking if there’s an official way to do it, through Instagram. The only option appears to be single posts.

Ooops. My mistake.

Existing Instagram feeds seem to be still working though. And I remember all this with Tumblr a while back and the stacks I’d used to integrate that continued to work.


And I was using Instaviewer which was still partially working. At least the thumbnails showed up. But that stopped working in the last couple of weeks, which my customer pointed out to me. I basically told her it might not be a possibility anymore.

15th October 2019, to be exact.

Here’s where things stand currently:

Instagram got taken over by Facebook in 2012. Since then, there’s been a gradual gravitation towards less third-party implementations and more emphasis on getting users trafficked through the the official Instagram apps and websites. Because ultimately that is where the most ad revenue and data harvesting can be accomplished!

A number of APIs (methods for fetching Instagram content) got shut down early. This caused a lot if implementations to break without warning. Instagram admit themselves they are accelerating the deprecation of APIs, so expect more Instagram addons to cease working anytime soon:

The remaining APIs are unsuitable for websites, because they are targeted at app developers working with compiled code. Additionally there’s a hugely complex process of registering and authenticating anything you build. Think Apple App Store levels of difficulty, and you won’t be far wrong. New Instagram stacks are unlikely to pass the review process.

So building something to go on websites to read Instagram data is essentially a no-go at this point in time. Instagram don’t want you to do it. They have taken the ability away from ‘us’ developers to help you do it. Everyone is now encouraged to only use official Instagram apps and post embed code.

Alternatives? PixelFed is open source and works great. Currently there are no dedicated apps for it, you can only upload pictures in your web browser. I am exploring options to see whether it’s possible to embed PixelFed albums in websites. Because it’s a relatively new service out of Canada, the API is a little “thin” currently. I am hopeful the capabilities will improve. There is a very strong development team behind the project.


Thanks Will. So unless I’m missing something, all they have for official code is to embed a single posting. Not a feed, and not even an official “follow me on Instagram” button like Facebook does.

Correct. It appears the only official method Instagram support currently is to click the three dots above an image, and use the Embed option:


That then gives you iFrame code to paste into RapidWeaver. You would have to do that for each and every image. It could get quite laborious.

Interestingly Firefox blocks the embed with its Facebook Container extension. So I suspect the embed attempts to load lots of questionable code and trackers! Privacy is definitely an important factor you want to be on top of.

Some Instagram stacks may still work. Or may be stuck in ‘limp mode’, with certain features missing or broken. The volatility of the APIs means that buying an Instagram stack could be very risky. What works today may not work tomorrow.

You can tell I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with Instagram. I like the basic concept of the service and spend time most evenings catching up on friends and news. And I post a few phone snaps there each week. But I loath the non-chronological timelines, the tracking and the advertising. The Android app has gone super buggy in recent updates and crashes all the time. And a friend has recently had awful problems with being locked-out of their account repeatedly, which nobody inside Instagram has been able to resolve.


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