Instagram feed. best way to do it?

Hi there. Am an occasional user of Rapid weaver and realised my instagram feed has now totally disappeared from my web site.
Is it still possible to get an instagram feed to a site?
if so, what’s the best way to do it?
Any help greatly appreciated.

If you’re using the Stacks plugin, the only way I know is to use 1LD’s IG Connect stack.

You can see it working here -


thank you very much for reply!
getting on it now!

It looks like that is no longer available. Interesting that it still works, most don’t now.

It doesn’t. Work.
It worked for me beyond the posted deadline but eventually it stopped working, for me.
I have just used (or considered) the Embed Stack from stacks4stacks
which you can use to post an image using the Instagram embed code and then link to
your instagram account. Until Instagram changes it’s policy, hopefully.

Perhaps @1LDskyler can clarify. I currently have it working on two sites, but I do see it’s not available on the 1LD site any more.

Rob, I have the updated IG stack, and it stopped working for me suddenly but sometime after the deadline that instagram initially stated . I thought that was it and just added a link from my page to my instagram account as one of my work-arounds.
But this discussion made me retry the process again and I sent a request to 1LD for another token (apparently it has to be submitted by a developer) and just got a reply from 1Ld to my request and it appears at least that it may still be an active app for previous owners (but no longer for distribution due to the vagaries of Instagram)? My bad guess?
I see you tagged @1LDskyler so perhaps it will be clarified definitively further. But since it is no longer offered I think I may be correct.

managed to get the tokens (it takes some doing now esp for two accounts). seems to work on one site much better than the other (done on affero) works fine (done with photographos) the Lightbox doesn’t seem to work with this at all. might be a setting in the theme?
Thanks to all for your help

I’m using the updated IG stack on this page in the footer and it works:

Weaverthemes have also just announced this -

and I’d forgotten about Weavium’s Instagram Feed stack - - though part of the demo seems to be knackered…

Vista stopped working a month or so ago. There was mention of a replacement from the same dev, not sure if it’s happened and/or if iNsta is it.

Insta is from Weaverthemes, rather than Weavium.

Just bought this one myself.
It’s gorgeous!


So which one is actuality working as of now? I’m confused, they all have similar names!

I assume Insta from Weaverthemes is working because it’s just been released. :wink:

I don’t own Instagram Vista from Weavium so can’t check that. Maybe @weavium can advise. You’d hope it works as it’s listed on the website.

1LD’s IG Connect seems to be still working but as it’s no longer for sale, only for existing users.

Visa certainly doesn’t work, I’ve got it on at least a dozen sites, all not working. I expected it to stop working much sooner than it did, due to the changes made by Insta. I’m pretty sure Mr. Weaveriiurrium even sent out an email warning people it was about to stop. Surprised it’s still for sale.

I am curious how some stacks work and others don’t. I was under the impression Insta pulled the API for all this type of thing. Maybe not.

1LD’s stack requires you to get a token and connect with the Instagram account. The new Insta stack (from the website at least) looks as though it requires less set up.

I think all these stacks are probably life-limited. Time for @barchard to get to work on his iPhone/WeaverPix app and solve all our problems?

After contacting @1LDskyler and his reply my IG Stack is working again!
Thanks to for the timely response and support.

Hi there all,

Weavium’s instagram stack is no longer working due to the new guidelines set by Instagram. We are working on a new stack, but waiting for approval from the Facebook/Instagram developer team. I believe I saw that 1LD has a new instagram stack out there working with the new API ~

Regarding 1LD’s IG Connect stack - it still works for existing customers but looks like it’s no longer for sale.