Embedded Javascript for Popup Windows - Calendly

Hi, I’m working to embed a calendly js into my Foundry/Stack build.

Calendly Embed Options

my project : Luxtravelsupply.com pin: 4562

I need to have a button for mobile devices and I want to show the calendly embedded calendar for desktop(this works fine).

if I create a simple HTML page without stacks the button code works, clicking it brings up a popup window with a calendar.

However, when I drop this same HTML into a stack I can’t get it to appear. From what I can tell a CSS class maybe getting obscured by the stack.

I’ve tried a few troubleshooting steps with moving the relevant css and js scripts to different areas on the page with no success.

I’m hoping to solve this as the final option is to have a button that links out to Calendly which I want to avoid leaving the domain.

Thank you in advance for taking a moment and any suggestions you may have.

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