Embedding Mailchimp posts into my Rapidweaver site to add fresh content? Good or bad idea?

Hi all,
My website is pretty static, I don’t have new regular information going in, but I do post out to all of my clients using Mailchimp now via Mac mail. I’m just wondering if I could embed my mailchimp newsletters into a news page in Rapidweaver? It would save me replicating the content manually, and I notice that Mailchimp offers an html code link which is what I’m assuming I’d use?

What do you think? Is it a good way of getting regular content into my Rapidweaver website?

You can embed the HTML from email into RW but you may have to tweet it slightly depending on the email. I have done this many times to get the latest email newsletter on a RW site.

What do you use? A simple html stack? Or an offsite page? not sure how to bring it in to a styled Foundation page.

You vpcan do it with just an HTML stack, if using Totalcms you can paste it into the hipwig editor in a blog post as well

I can’t seem to get it to work. Do you need to highlight the text and choose ‘ignore formatting’ or are you supposed to do something else with it?

Yes - get rid of formating for sure.

If you are getting the straight HTML (like you would see if you click on that link in the email to "view online ")

The only real changes I’ve ever had to make were cosmetic, to adjust spacing or similar by inserting or deleting breaks, stuff like that.

What are you getting?

Why not just copy and past the content into a new RW page and post it? I don’t see any reason to get fancy. Besides if MailChimp is hosting the original data you won’t get credit for it being fresh anyway. Better to post it on your website first, wait a day, then mail it.

Second this… host it on your own Website, create an own RW blog out of your Newsletters. Do not give your website visitors data away to any 3rd party.

HI all, I know this is an old post so please forgive my tardiness! Jakobssystems if I simply create a blog from within Rapidweaver are there particularly relevant stacks you would use? Or would you just use regular stacks. I’m thinking I’d want to have all the usual features of a blog page but I’m only used to using third party products where you host it online and work from there ie armadillo or totalcms? Is it something that can be done solely from within Rapidweaver and still utilising all blog features?

Have you looked at Poster? It is not a CMS, you can post only within RW. But it opens up blogging to using all the stacks you have. You can easily create a nice structure. More here:

Attached is a screenshot from a blog page (I just call it the “home” page) for a course website. The course is password protected so I can’t share the link with you (need to protect students) but it gives you an initial idea.

Easy to add audio, video, Disqus commenting, and so much more.

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That LOOKS perfect, looks just like a blog, but does it have the same effect as an online blog in terms of google ranking? My website is getting no hits at the moment and I know that fresh content is key, so is using this stack to create content actually as good for Google as doing a full proper blog online?

I shouldn’t think it matters 2 cents whether the blog was developed online or via RW in terms of SEO and Google ranking. Hopefully @instacks can reply to this thread. (I don’t worry about Google since my “customers” are my students and I have easy ways to know if they are reading the blog posts.)

My guess is by using Poster you may be able to enhance your Google ranking because it’s such a flexible stack set in terms of what you can add to it. But Jannis at @instacks will know for sure.

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Hi @Gabrielle welcome back :slight_smile:

Poster Stack is indexed like other RW pages or blog pages by Google. Poster Stack also provides special metadata fields per post entry to give each a unique entry in googles index.
Here are some indexed examples of my own website:

As you say, content is king, and Poster Stack will support you in that.

Cheers, Jannis

Thanks @Mathew for the reference :slight_smile: :+1:

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Hi Jannis, looks like the perfect stack for me then, thanks! :slight_smile: