Using RW to create Mailchimp templates / emails - tried it?

Mailchimp allows export and import of templates. Its own interface is a bit tortuous so I wondered whether RW might work in setting up a HTML email which could then be imported to Mailchimp. If you’ve tried it or have any thoughts about the idea I’d be glad to hear from you. Thanks.

Html in email is very basic and email supports very limited functionality.
That being said, joe Workman sells a set of stacks called email to produce emails using RW. One of the features allows you to export the actual html for the email.


Plus one for the email stacks. I’ve used them with a couple of email providers and they do what it says on the tin. It has to be said that the bult in email editors that the likes of Mailchimp offer work very well, but if you want to maintain the branding of your website and have the fun of using Rapidweaver, the stacks work very well.


Another user of Joes email stacks. I use it with MailChimp almost every day.


As an alternative…Doobox has a little (free) app for putting together a nice looking email:


I also use Doobox’ Mailshot—in tandem with Sitelok’s emailing system. Free and easy to use.

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Thanks for the very helpful suggestions on this thread chaps - much appreciated. D.

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